DTC Consulting is a small technology consulting company. Our goal is to make the current day and upcoming technology understandable to the average person without all the hassle of dealing with pushy salesmen and highly technical internet articles.

We will provide a one-on-one environment to help you understand and make informed decisions on exactly what equipment you need.

The average person is intimidated by the technology world. In the last 10 years computing power and capability has increased exponentially. In the next ten years, it will continue to grow at the same rate.

The current generation of kids are growing up with handheld computers that have more capability than the original Space Shuttle’s entire computer suite had. Wireless and cellular technology is currently in the public’s eye. Advances are happening so fast that even the communications companies are having a tough time keeping up!

DTC Consulting is dedicated to providing people who are not familiar nor comfortable with technology with a common ground and easy to understand explanation of the current technology. It is a core belief that all people should be able to make informed decisions about what they are buying, without the pressure of a salesman hovering over their shoulder.

Our staff are all knowledgeable and friendly. Each person has a minimum of 10 years experience with technology, and have access to experts in various fields.

Technology is doubling every 8 months. Let us help you keep up!

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